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"I've always had it in my mind to not let the disease control my life, The disease can't tell me I can't do something."

Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Torres
Dr. and Mrs. Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Zerla
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gramatica
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ortiz
Ms. Nancy Kindshoven 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cruz
Ms. Alice Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Roche
Ms. Kiera Sutton
Ms. Marlene Smith
Ms. Ivy Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hayes
Mr. David Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. A. Eric Torres
Mr. Sean M. Torres
Ms. Karen Amabile
Ms. Nilda Rodriguez
Ms. Abigail Brown 
Ms. Emma Turner
Ms. Stacy Testa
Mr. Christian Tanner
Ms. Elizabeth Cate
Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Santos
Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Ortiz
Ms. Consuelo Cruz

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Mr. and Mrs. Steve Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Rodriguez
Ms. Cindy L. Rodriguez
Mrs. Kristina Wajdowicz Neldner 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ortiz, Sr.
Mr. Matthew Kim
Ms. Suzanne Glisson
Ms. Christine Ortiz
Mr. Ron Parks
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